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The Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation (WWD-F) is a North Carolina nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and girls to develop their potential, achieve their personal goals, and enjoy a fulfilling, healthy life. We firmly believe women and girls have the birthright to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual selves. We run innovative programs at our centers and through partnerships with like-minded organizations. We network with international women’s organizations in developing countries to support economically disadvantaged and socially vulnerable women and children. At our LOTUS HOUSE Center in Marshall, NC, we organize retreats and workshops where visitors can learn practical and/or creative skills designed for emotional and spiritual well-being. For our full workshop offerings, click here
Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, LOTUS HOUSE is on a 33.5-acre site with stunning views encircled by pristine nature that is run entirely by women. Far from being an island unto itself, our center is surrounded by like-minded projects seeking to improve the world through wellness, education, and economic democracy. We network with these other organizations and are proud to have so many wonderful neighbors. 
LOTUS HOUSE is an oasis with stunning mountain views and nearby are seasonal gardens of flowers and orchards. A walk through the trails will help you unwind, relax, and connect to your inner self and nature. The house itself is an ecological Deltec structure designed to fit the surrounding nature; the house has an open-plan living-dining room area, kitchen, and five bedrooms. 
We also rent out rooms for solo retreats or the whole space to host a large group. Contact us for more information about renting LOTUS HOUSE.  
While the Lotus House building was only completed in 2022, WWD-F has a long history of serving women and girls directly in the greater Asheville area and indirectly by donating to women-led projects around the world. We officially launched our North Carolina nonprofit in 2007. From there, we expanded our reach by giving nutrition and cooking classes to nonprofits in western North Carolina. 

In 2010, we began a series of programs at Hillcrest Apartments, a low-cost housing complex in Asheville, N.C. Many of the residents didn’t have access to computers or the internet so we created a computer lab with desktops, laptops, printers, and phones. No one should be left behind due to lack of resources and we stepped in to serve people who needed it. As part of our computer lab, we also assisted residents with their computer needs – not only personal help browsing the internet but also support in filling out job applications. 
We created job fairs with the help of an employment specialist and more than 75 employers attended each time. On the recreational side, we organized after-school programs and adult classes to teach arts, crafts, yoga, Zumba, swimming, cooking, and more!

For residents experiencing legal troubles, we initiated Hillcrest Apartments’ Case Management Section for special services. We coordinated with the mediation center for serious cases and provided legal assistance (with the help of Pisgah Legal) for incarcerations, lawsuits, and family disputes.   

For Hillcrest residents who needed financial assistance, we provided that too. To support women and girls with financial management, we provided financial literacy classes covering budgeting and debt. 

Our last program with Hillcrest Apartments, which ran from 2014 until the end of 2022, aimed to solve food insecurity. Along with the Human Resources Department of the City of Asheville and the Manna Food Bank, we ran monthly food pop-ups serving hundreds of people.
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